- auger 

- wireline rock coring

- odex / DTH

- air  / mud rotary

- well installationS, DEVELOPMENT & REHAB

- Packer testing


- downhole camera





Having the right hands on the job makes a difference

We have an experienced management team matched with highly skilled crews.   We look forward to providing you with unmatched customer service and field execution.


We have the experience and equipment necessary to provide our Clients with high-quality geotechnical services. Accurate and complete collection and documentation of subsurface samples is key to the success of any geotechnical project. All geotechnical drilling is performed in strict compliance with ASTM standards.


We are a Woman Owned Small Business drilling company capable of providing a wide variety of geotechnical, environmental and exploration drilling services.


Our experience and preparation is key! We have built a custom program that automatically generates job specific paperwork based on each estimate, such as:  job costing, equipment inspections, safety (JSA, ERP, tailgate meetings), consumables order sheet, customized load list, job setup form and project tracking.  Our management team oversees every aspect of a project from proposal preparation, to implementation through completion. Projects are completed in a timely, professional fashion with the customer's requirements and expectations always at the forefront.




We offer comprehensive, high quality and reliable exploration services to the mineral exploration industry throughout the United States across a wide range of commodities. Authentic has both the high-end technical capabilities and the field experience to implement professional, efficient and result driven exploration programs.

Other add on services we offer include installation of production and monitoring wells, grouting, piezometers, inclinometers, single and double packer testing, pressuremeter testing, concrete core drilling, well development and rehab, downhole camera, vac trailer, etc.


We provide reliable, high quality, cost effective environmental drilling services. All work is completed in strict compliance with state and federal environmental regulations in addition to all Site & Client specific health and safety protocols.

Our environmental training includes First Aid / CPR, OSHA HAZWOPER, Respirator Fit and Safeland USA, medical monitoring as well as drug and alcohol testing.

Our Colorado Well License is approved for drilling the following types of wells:  production, agricultural, monitoring wells, piezometers, cathodic well, etc.

As most well drilling companies only have large truck mounted drilling rigs that may require site access heavy equipment assistance, we offer a unique alternative of drilling difficult access water wells using our new Acker Renegade track rig. 


  • Auger -Solid Stem Auger / Hollow Stem Auger
  • Coring- NQ3, HQ3, PQ3 with Packer Testing
  • Odex / DTH - Up to 8 5/8"
  • Rotary - Air and Mud up to 10"
  • Sampling- SPTs (Split Spoon, Mod-Cal, California), Shelby Tubes, Dry Core, Pitcher
  • Installations - Piezometer, Monitoring Wells, Inclinometers, Soil Vapor Extraction and Air Sparging, Steel and PVC Field Slot
  • Other ServicesAbandonments, Decon, Well Development, Grouting, Angle Drilling, Texam Pressuremeter